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whatever [Sunday
May 1st At 12:37PM]
[ mood | crappy ]

I've decided to just quit LJ. It fucking sucks.

Maybe I'll start it again, and then I'll tell everyone. Until then...goodbye.


May 1st At 12:32PM]
my livejournal eats shit. I should just pay the fucking $5 or whatever it is so it doesn't look completely horrible.

Anyway, so far this weekend, I got an Alice in Wonderland purse, and hung out with my friends, and now I'm supposed to be working on a project...

oh god [Friday
April 22nd At 9:40PM]
[ mood | confused ]

So yeah...my friend Gia is trying to get me to go out with her friend Veen...but I just don't want to and he asked me out but I had to tell him no and I feel bad but I think I have to get over that...I mean, he's a cool kid, but...it's hard to explain, I dunno, I just don't feel anything there.

So anyway.


yeah.... [Monday
April 18th At 10:20PM]
[ mood | apathetic ]

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slap that face! [Friday
April 15th At 11:18PM]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Welllll tonight I went to my school's play, Crazy For You, and I LOVED IT!! It had all the fun broadway-ish showtunesy songs I love, great glamourous costumes, a good looking lead boy with a great voice and tap dancing skills that were not too shabby. The acting was quite good for a high school production. I was quite impressed.

I am tirrrrrred.


April 7th At 11:32PM]
[ mood | chipper ]

So I went up to the mall with Gia, Katie, Kat, Cait, and Garrett today. It was kind of boring, not a lot of people were there, on Friday and Saturday nights there's tons of kids there...but whatever. On the bus ride home, Kat, besides pissing Cait off because Cait is like obsessed with Garett, was complainging about her weight (she's about 100 punds, and also very short. she's quite a small girl. she has no reason to complain about her weight.) While talking to him, she started saying how much she wished she looked like me...and I was like "wtf? she wants to look like ME?". She was all "OMG Claire your hair is georgous and you have bigger tits than I do (yeah she's not quite so delicate about that)and at least you have curves, I'm like a popsicle stick...it really surprised me that she thought that way. I thought everyone thought I was ugly and my hair sucked. It's not like I got some guy saying that about me...but it was nice to hear some positive things about my appearance.

I'm in a consdierably good mood right now.


oh you know you love it!! [Monday
April 4th At 9:26PM]
[ mood | horny ]

Does anyone else fucking love NIN's Closer video? I mean...the song is kickass, and the video is beautiful.

How do you not enjoy Trent Reznor shirtless, blindfolded, and chained to the ceiling? That's completely hot.


i ain't no hollaback girl [Monday
April 4th At 8:47PM]
[ mood | giddy ]

Sharpies are cool.

oh FUCK I'm dizzy...


yeah... [Saturday
April 2nd At 8:08PM]
[ mood | bored ]

So...Pope is dead. I dunno...I'm not really into the whole religion thing, much less the Christian thing, but I mean, the pope is pretty much the most influential person out there. Yeah. I don't think my theology teacher is ever going to be the same. She was OBSESSED with this guy.


April 1st At 3:54PM]
You guys are shitheads. I hate you all. Fucking losers.

April Fools. Heh. I suck.

March 28th At 7:55PM]
My throat hurts. As does my back because I was standing on my toes today and fell backwards on a table. Stupid, right?

you promised me starry night skies [Monday
March 28th At 3:03PM]
[ mood | dorky ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

P.S. Hellogoodbye is cooler than you'll ever fucking be.


March 27th At 1:58PM]
[ mood | amused ]

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¿quien es guapo? [Sunday
March 27th At 1:37PM]
Happy Easter to everyone! My mom bought me the best perfume EVER. It's Rockin Rio by Estrada...it's lovely.

Ignore the subject thing. It popped into my mind.

you're so fucked [Friday
March 25th At 3:11PM]
Well...Easter break has been good so far. I got my hair did yesterday. It's got like...blond chunks, layered on older blond-ish brown-ish bits, layered over light brown, and...it's just confusing. I'll try to put a picture up here.

run away from all your boredom [Wednesday
March 23rd At 11:39PM]
[ mood | excited ]

You know what....Placebo is really cool.

I'm so fucking happy. Today starts my eleven day Easter break. I'm going downtown to get my hair did tomorrow. I wanna keep the bangs, but go for something a little different style-wise. I'm just glad it's getting colored again.


March 20th At 9:25PM]
[ mood | enraged ]

My dad is such a jackass. I wasn't even home most of the weekend, and he goes up to the TV room and finds a knife on the couch. He automatically blames me. Now, I wasn't home Friday night, and I was only home for about an hour or two on Saturday, during which my friend Gia was with me, and we were DOWNSTAIRS. I went to the movies the see The Ring Two slept over her house until like 3:30, got home at 3:45, showered, and went over my friend Katie's. Then I had to go to church, got home at 7:30, watched TV and didn't eat because I knew we were eating dinner soon. When I got upstairs I saw the knife but forgot about it. Now, my mom claims she was up there yesterday after I left to go to the movies and didn't see it, when my dad claims he saw it plainly on the couch. Why wouldn't she see it? I just spent a half hour screaming and crying over that stupid fucking knfie because my parent's won't believe that I didn't put it there. I even swore on my life to them that I didn't do it. What hurts most is that even my parents don't believe me, not just that I'm grounded.

It sounds pathetic and stupid, but I hate life right now.


hot damn [Saturday
March 19th At 1:17PM]
[ mood | happy ]

Art class was fun fun fun this week. We went to the art museum. We didn't get into Dalí, since it was sold out, but me and a bunch of other people (Corey, Evelyn, Ben, and Peter....who has the BEST Elliott Smith shirt ever, it makes me sad) just wandered around the modern art and Japenese section. I love my art class, even when we're not painting.

I think we're going to see The Ring 2 tonight.


i do like st. patrick's day. [Thursday
March 17th At 10:39PM]
[ mood | excited ]

Yesss....it's a bit late in the day, but happy St. Patrick's Day. Since my family is Irish, my mom was telling me all this stuff about my family...it's quite fascinating...apparently I had a great grandfather who was an alcoholic and didn't get along with a few members of my family, and died falling out a window, and my mom pointed out all these reasons it could've been murder...I am so reading the stuff written down about our past. I'm a loser, yes, but I love it. And I miss it...my grandparents on my mom's side were the most wonderful people I've ever known, and I wish they had lived longer so I could have asked the more. I cry just about every time I think about them.

On a cheerier note, here is my St. Patty's day photography.

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st. patrick's day is tomorrow. totally. [Wednesday
March 16th At 9:09PM]
So yesh...I am so planning my photography for tomorrow...Ireland sweater, black/or plaid skirt, black stockings, and those little black boots, and one of my Ireland scarfs. I only wish I had green glowsticks...

I still don't know if school is allowing stuff to be worn tomorrow. I should hope so.

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